Home Depot Plantation Shutters, Plantation Blinds, Cheap Window Shutters

While it might just be a temporary glitch, it seems that all stock sized Plantation shutters are no longer available at Home Depot at present.  Previously when looking for plantation shutters Home Depot was a great place to buy them.  They were cheap, and actually very easy to install providing you had a screw driver and a level handy.  Now, with only custom installation available when you order Home Depot plantation shutters, you are looking at around $200 per window, which is way more than you would pay for the actual plantation shutters.

Checking for Home Depot shutters on their own site revealed that they are suggesting that you have ‘experts’ install them for you. Of course that makes a lot of sense as they stand to make a considerable profit from it, and it is nice if you are able to afford it to have them take care of it from the beginning measuring stages all the way through to the actual installation.  They also offer payment plantation shutter plans if you are not able to pay for all of the installation of plantation shutters in all windows at the same time, which is a helpful option if you really can’t afford to pay for the installation at once but you aren’t able to install them yourself.

If you are not able, or willing to pay for Home Depot plantation shutters plus installation, there are a few other options available. Unfortunately, though, none are as well priced as ordering your plantation shutters, blinds from Home Depot and then putting them up yourself.

There are other options for ordering standard sized Plantation shutters online, and a quick and simple search online should turn up quite a few options.  The shutters themselves will most likely  be more expensive than what you would have paid for the same at Home Depot, but still considerably cheaper than ordering custom made and custom installed Home Depot plantation shutters.  Look for sales, and look for sites that offer free shipping in order to cut down your costs.

Alternatively, you may be able to negotiate to get the price down to something you can afford. For example, some people have offered to pay Home Depot to come and measure for the plantations shutters, as that is the trickiest part of putting them up yourself–getting the measurements exact–and they have paid around $35 for that service.  The good thing about that is that if the shop itself gets the measurement wrong, then the fault lies with them and not with you and they will be obliged to fix the mistake they made.  Sure saves on you measuring wrong and then not being able to return your shutter, plantation or otherwise, and get new home plantation shutter blinds.

In any case, if you are planning on re-doing several windows with blinds, Plantation shutters Home Depot may have the standard sized cheap window shutters available again at some time in the future as they do introduce new blinds, shutters, etc from time to time. If they do, you may be well advised to make your plantation shutters plans and buy them all at the same time, rather than planning on doing them one at a time, just in case they disappear off the shelves again! If you do buy Plantation blinds Home Depot is definitely a good place to check out first before getting your home shutter elsewhere.